Code of Conduct


I will maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct, which includes self-control, responsible behaviour, and consideration for the physical and emotional well being of others.

I will not make inappropriate or unwanted physical, verbal, or sexual advances on others.

I will treat others with respect and expect to be treated with respect in return.

I will refrain from using profane, insulting, or otherwise offensive language.

I will not possess or use any illegal drugs. I will not take drugs for the purpose of improving my performance.

I will reimburse the cost of any damage to equipment or any other property resulting from wilful or negligent action on my part.

I understand that a breach of any part of this Code of Conduct is sufficient grounds for me to be removed from the club membership either temporarily or permanently at me expense.

It will be the responsibility of the Executive to monitor and enforce the Code


I will act in ways that bring respect to coach, family, our club and me.

I will respect other athletes, volunteers, officials, coaches and volunteers by not swearing at them, using inappropriate language, or demonstrating inappropriate gestures or actions.

I will uphold the generally accepted standards of fair play and exhibit a high level of sportsmanship and team spirit.

I will control my emotions at all times and never argue with officials or volunteers.

I will accept decisions as they are made and abide by them.

I will be modest in victory and gracious in defeat.

I will never cheat.

Training and Competition:

I will conduct myself with honour and dignity at all time.

I will treat all teams, spectators, and officials with respect.

I believe in the honesty and integrity of opponents and officials.

I will accept peacefully and without question the decision of the officials.

I will recognize and applaud honestly and wholeheartedly the efforts of other teams opponents regardless of skill, score, colour, creed, or race.

I will accept both victory and defeat with pride and compassion, never being boastful nor bitter.

Lane Etiquette:

I will strive to arrive on time and stay until the completion of the workout.

I will help with set up, lane rope removal and the return of equipment.

Choose a lane:
I will begin my workout in my normally assigned lane unless instructed otherwise by the coach.

Swimmers will swim circles in correct direction unless instructed by the coach.

I will attempt to swim in a manner that minimizes the risk of contacting and possibly hurting other swimmers in my lane and adjacent lanes.

I will use caution when diving into the water to avoid contacting the pool bottom or other swimmers.

Lane Leaders:
I understand that the fastest person for the set should lead, understand the set and pace time

I understand that I will leave 5 seconds after the start of the swimmer ahead of me unless instructed otherwise by the coach.

If there is a slower swimmer ahead of me, I will touch the slower swimmer’s foot to indicate my desire to pass at the end of the length.

I understand if I am being passed, I will move over or stop at the wall to allow safe passing of the faster swimmer.

I will move to the other side of lane and push off straight.

I will exercise caution when conducting flip turns to avoid contacting any swimmers who may be located at the end of the pool.

When I stop, I keep the ends of the lane clear to allow continuing swimmers’ space to turn and/or to completely finish their set.

If I require a break, I will rejoin the set in progress. I will not start where I left off before my break.

If I remain in the water during the break I will ensure that I do not interfere with the other swimmers in my lane.