How to Play Nice with Others in the Pool

With the new swimming season just underway, it’s time for a few reminders to all our athletes about proper swim and lane etiquette. Here are a few points to remember when attending workouts:
  • Show up to practice on time – I’m sure you have a busy life, but so does your coach and the other swimmers in your lane. Try to be respectful of their time as well as yours. Constantly arriving mid-workout is disruptive to everyone.
  • Stop in the corners at the end of your lane – Unless you’re in distress, it’s bad form to stop in the middle of the lane. Other swimmers may crash into you – after all, when you swim you’re looking straight down or straight up, not ahead. PRO TIP: clear out of the center point on the wall after you finish so others may touch to finish, too.
  • Touch the foot of the swimmer ahead of you to signal you want to pass – The slower swimmer will pull over to the corner at the end of the lane and allow you to overtake them. PRO TIP: if you feel the swimmer behind you touch your foot, subdue your competitive streak and allow the faster swimmer to pass.
  • Swallow your pride, not the pool water – We’re all at practice with the same goals of getting fit and having fun. Your workout is no more important than any other swimmer’s, so let’s all try to work together.
For a deeper dive on how to swim well with others, read more about lane etiquette on our ATB Team page. Lastly, as you start to plan out your swimming goals for the year, why not consider competing in one of MSO’s swim meets? There are several scheduled for this season in Ontario, with two competitions planned in the greater Toronto area:
  1. We’re hosting the Ted Roach Memorial meet in January at Alderwood pool.
  2. You can travel to Markham for the MSO provincials meet in March.
Never competed before? Not to worry! MSO has you covered with their article on Going to a Swim Meet. See you in the pool!