Milton 2019

From left to right: Gregg Thurlbeck, Barrie Malloch, and Margot Wheeler

It was a great day for a swim meet, cold and rainy. The ATB hard cores, consisting of Barrie (Chatty) Malloch, Coach Gregg and Margot travelled to the Milton Sportsplex to compete. After some technical issues the meet got underway. The small contingency of swimmers huddled in the stands together close to the action. After waiting patiently for our longest event (400 metres free) even with the close proximity, Barrie missed her heat. Too busy working the crowd catching up with old friends. Margot, dragged her away from her friends and convinced her to swim the event, Gregg worked his magic and got her a lane in the next heat. After the swim, we had a nice meal (almost as good as ours) and called it a day.

Buffalo March Madness

From left to right: Narda Schmultz, Dave Jackman, Lee Shimano and Margot Wheeler

This Motley Crew, travelled to Buffalo (March 3, 2019) and attended March Madness, run by Buffalo State College.

Lee "Machine" Shimano swam a record 8 events. Narda literally “kicked ass” in the 25 tomb stone kick race, then swam a 1000 and Dave chauffeured the gaggle of geese around. Margot set a new Ontario record in the 500 yard free event!

Small event, beer and wings by 12:30pm. Everyone, was exceptionally friendly and 3 people have swum at our meet and raved on what a show “the bares” put on.

Good times, had by all.